“I’m on my way,

I’m on my way

Home Sweet Home”  – Motley Crew

Well, we are in full swing in 2019. The market is still good. In some cases the market is a bit better if you’re buying. Interest rates are still really low and there appears to be little movement toward an increase. 

We are a husband and wife team (2 for 1) and We LOVE to help buyers and sellers!  

Although the Middle Tennessee housing market has been a ‘Seller’s Market’, we are very successful in helping buyers make smart purchases and good investments.  How do we do it?

  1. We care about you

  2. We have the Knowledge

  3. We show Patience – and sometimes a “nudge”

  4. Speed makes things happen

  5. We are not afraid to Negotiate

  6. Buyer Readiness

  7. We believe Communication helps eliminate problems

  8. We have relationships with Excellent lenders

  9. We have relationships with Excellent inspectors

  10. We have relationships with Excellent title companies

So, what are YOU looking for?   If you want an order-taker-agent, then we are NOT that. Do you want to do all the work and have the agent step in and collect a commission? We are NOT that either! We are NOT “passive” agents, we ARE active in your buying/selling experience. “Over and above” is the service we believe in giving our clients. Buying and Selling are life changing decisions and the process can be stressful! Our work is to alleviate the pain, confusion and the “not-in-the-loop” attitude and provide expert advice so that the transaction is smooth and positive. We are the “boots on the ground”! We are Full-Time agents (this is all we do) and we realize that real estate does not follow a M-F, 9-5 clock.

Another point we want to make is that the more you procrastinate the older you get. Like, how long do you plan on living? And, how long do you want to stay in the wrong house? Seriously, the economy is good and interest rates are low so this may be the best time to buy a home! Besides, we all need you to help keep the economy going…lol!

Contact Beth at:  615-653-7498 (m)  or email at: 

Sourceland, LLC

SourceLand, LLC is a real estate identification/entitlement/development company. We operate in Rutherford, Wilson, Davidson, Maury and Williamson counties in the Middle Tennessee area. We bring the experience to work with builders, investors, owners, lenders and municipalities and to bring the vision to a reality. Our core value is to provide a win for all parties involved. Our unique and aggressive ability to find developable land, allows us the flexibility to pick properties that have the potential for municipality approval as well as builder/owner/investor and seller profitability.

SourceLand, LLC is owned and operated by Taze Lundy. Taze is from Murfreesboro and has a vision and passion to locate, partner and develop real estate in this market area.

We offer builders, investors and land owners the opportunity to be involved in the real estate development business. As a land owner, you might want to just sell your property. But, on the outside chance that you want to increase your profit, we offer a partnership in which you dramatically increase your profit! If you are a real estate investor then we offer you the chance to partner with us in this dynamic market.

2018 was a good year with Sourceland, LLC entitling 415 residential lots! Currently, it is 2019 and we have 3 developments ongoing, totaling 700+ lots, either through the entitlement or the acquisition process.

Should you be interested in discussing development, please feel free to reach out to me!

 Contact Taze Lundy at:  615.474.3346 (m)

Contact Beth Lundy at:  615.653.7498 (m)


615-809-2323 (o)

630 W. Burton Street

Murfreesboro, TN 37130